Stardust Soaps                                    Handmade Luxury Soaps &Skincare Products 

This is the Original Stardust Soaps est. 2008 in Frisco, TX now located in Arizona. We had a regular standing at the Four Seasons Market in Richardson and Carrollton, TX. This Web and the is one and the same. Thank you for your business. 
The inspiration for creating wonderful soaps was inspired by my daughter's sensitive skin and reactions to commercial cleansing products along with my experience as a licensed cosmetologist. The products I create are good for all skin types. I also think that the Aroma therapy of the soaps, and the array of colors, are a way of enjoying a simple pleasure in life, through the soaps and products I create. Pamper yourself with Stardust Soaps products. These superior skin-conditioning ingredients leave your skin feeling clean and nourished. I invite you to browse my site and try my soaps. it, love it and enjoy it! Stardust Soaps, Handmade in USA Established 2008. Luxury Soaps; Skincare Products (Mother, Wife, Licensed Cosmetologist/skincare specialist, Office Systems Technologist), (Technologist, Baker, knitter, crocheter, painter, creator, designer, etc., etc.

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